Status service API reference

By default the /status endpoint will return a HTTP status code of 200 with version and tileset_last_modified (as UNIX timestamp) info, which can also be used as a health endpoint for the HTTP API.

However, if "verbose": true is passed as a request parameter it will return additional information about the loaded tileset. Note that gathering this additional information can be computationally expensive, hence the verbose flag can be disallowed in the configuration JSON (service_limits.status.allow_verbose, default false).

Outputs of the Status service

If "verbose": true is passed as a parameter, the service will output the following response:

Response key Type Description
version string The current Valhalla version, e.g. 3.1.4.
tileset_last_modified integer The time the tile_extract or tile_dir were last modified as UNIX timestamp, e.g. 1634903519.
has_tiles bool Whether a valid tileset is currently loaded.
has_admins bool Whether the current tileset was built using the admin database.
has_timezones bool Whether the current tileset was built using the timezone database.
has_live_traffic bool Whether live traffic tiles are currently available.
bbox object GeoJSON of the tileset extent.